Best Rottweiler Pups

A proviso first, this topic on a “Best Rottweiler Puppy” is all my personal opinion based on many, many years of dog breeding and showing in NZ, Australia and the USA.

This is a hot topic for anyone looking to purchase a Rottweiler puppy. Actually if it could be believed there is such a thing as a “Best Rottweiler Puppy”, but in fact there is not, as the topic is so subjective as is the word “Best”.

There is of course a “Best Rottweiler Puppy” idea out there and this has a tendency to change upon whom you question on the topic of best Rottweiler puppies. So how do we find the idea of what we are looking for in a new Rottweiler puppy? The search can be fun.

First find out as much as you can about the Rottweiler as a pet before you even look at getting the best Rottweiler for yourself. More education is not only necessary on these great dogs but without it you honestly will have no idea of what you are in for. Not that they are bad or difficult, quite the contrary, just….well any Rottweiler breeder will tell you.

Secondly, be very, very certain on deciding exactly what you want this new addition to your family for. Will it be purely a pet? Or maybe you are interested in showing? Or you are more drawn towards these fantastic dogs for their natural guarding ability? Or you have a strict budget and the cost is your deciding factor…Whichever reason you decide upon the criteria you pick for choosing your “Best Rottweiler Puppy” will be different as follows.

Pedigree or purebred (mutt). I do not want to upset anyone here but the fact is unless you personally know the history of your Rottweiler all the way back to pedigree dogs then it is possible the ‘pure bred Rottweiler’ you are looking at is in fact a cross with some other dog. The pedigree system assures potential buyers that the pup that they receive is, in fact, a Pedigree Rottweiler meaning BOTH it’s parents are registered pedigree dogs.

A purebred or, claimed pure bred Rottweiler may have other dogs in their breeding but look and act like Rottweilers so may suit some buyers if showing or breeding pedigree Rottweilers is never going to be their intention. But I personally would not rely on these type of dogs growing and acting as could be expected from a pedigree Rottweiler.

Picking a Rottweiler with cost as your main criteria is an easy one. Look for what is available within your budget and if unable to get a Pedigree Rottweiler then a ‘purebred’ may be your only option remembering we get what we pay for, generally.

As for guarding I have found Rottweilers left to their own resources grow up to be top guardians naturally. I would suggest that you never encourage a Rottweiler to be a guard dog when it is a pup as this may intensify their guarding abilities to such an extent they need to be under constant vigil when full grown.