Rottweiler Buyer Beware – Needed Read

Rottweiler Buyer Beware – Must Read By Pedigree Dog Buyers

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Before being urged to buy information on this breed save your money and get Rottweiler Breed information straight from the horses mouth, so to speak, for FREE below from the New Zealand Kennel Club:-

New Zealand Kennel Club Rottweiler Breed Standard

Rottweiler from Rottweiler buyer beware
Rottweiler buyer beware

I have a personal interest in this breed with an N.Z.K.C. registered Kennel and have been associated with many pedigree dogs. Including Rottweilers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, West Highland White Terriers, German Shepherds, Alsations and Bull Mastiffs for over 40 years.

Due to this I so appreciate Rottweiler Buyer Beware information. All my dogs were pedigree N.Z.K.C. registered dogs and after being in and out of show rings for many years of my life I am happy to share this knowledge with those that wish to learn from an experienced breeder. And all for free.

Contact me through my website at our Rottweiler site and I will endeavour to answer any and all your queries.

Price of a Rottweiler

A quick note and Rottweiler buyer beware point to those that think there is such a thing as a ‘fixed’ or ‘ball park’ figure as applied to Rottweilers when in fact there is not.


Before I talk about this very important buyer beware point I must mention that I am seeing many Rottweiler, (self called), breeders/sellers that say their pups are ‘PEDIGREE’ or from ‘SUCH & SUCH A “KENNEL NAME”‘ but be aware only N.Z.K.C. registered breeders are able to have ‘registered pedigree pups’ or a ‘kennel name’ as these are solely the property of N.Z.K.C. recipients with current memberships. Without both of these then the pups may well be from pedigree parents but who really knows? Certainly a buyer of a Rottweiler needs to know he is receiving what he purchases?

A Rottweiler is worth varied amounts depending upon what the seller wants and a buyer is willing to pay. That being said many people give Rottweilers away for free because that is what those ones are really worth or because they are given to friends or family. Or is it because they just do not want them any more and just want them gone. While others sell their Pedigree animals for many thousands of dollars. Because that is what they are worth to them based on their own personal beliefs. While others place a high price on Rottweiler puppies that come with all the correct documentation and from a long line of exceptional ‘REGISTERED PEDIGREE ROTTWEILERS”

Rottweiler buyer beware applies to any animals as much as it does to any other item that can be purchased but firstly understanding that a Rottweiler is a living breathing animal. It is subject to many genetic traits that placing them into any category other than ‘Rottweiler’ is difficult to say the least. Factors affecting cost will no doubt be the specific breeding of the pup, purpose of the purchaser; whether for breeding or pet, any restrictions applied etc, breeders value they place on their dogs and last but not least, current supply and demand.

Buying an expensive pedigree Rottweiler does not mean you are buying a ‘Perfect Rottweiler’

There are no ‘perfect Rottweilers’ even though some breeders may wish to make you believe that theirs are. Rottweilers are a developed breed which inherently means they possess certain faults which are at a genetic level. So totally removing these faults, is at the time this is written, virtually impossible if not impossible.

Although responsible Rottweiler buyer beware breeders do the very best they can to eliminate as many of these faults as possible. By selective breeding techniques which comes from years of experience and pedigree research. And as always with a dash of common sense.

Many breeders are aware of the so called ‘runt of the litter’. Plus are aware these animals can sometimes grow to be the finest examples of their breed.

The Tail or No Tail?

This question pops up it’s ugly head every so often as new generations of naive, uninformed people come to grips with the big wide world we all live in with it’s ugly side as well as it’s pretty side. I say this because the shock I hear from some people that meat doesn’t actually start in plastic bags at a supermarket. I know. How shocking and that bacon is a different thing than pig meat sometimes astonishes me.

That there are certain medical practices that remove a piece of skin from little boy babies without anaesthetic to this day, That alone makes it difficult for me to understand why it is then that tail docking gets such bad press. Which is also usually very emotive to say the least with very little truth thrown in for good measure.

As I see it and most Rottweiler buyer beware readers may if the tail is to be docked as per the Rottweiler standard that is that. If someone wishes to breed and sell Rottweilers with tails they should be required to rename them. Renaming them to something other than a Rottweiler. Again in my opinion as they do not follow the Rottweiler standard.

If a country changes this standard just to satisfy public opinion then we are all going to hell in a hand basket very quickly I feel. Next thing you know a foreign country will be deciding what we can and can not watch on our movies.

I dock all my pups tails and am a accredited tail docker and when the law says I can no longer do this I will no longer be breeding Rottweilers because to me a Rottweiler is a dog that amongst many many other attributes does not possess a a tail, period!

Bob Tails

A Rottweiler buyer beware notices many back yard breeders and even some responsible breeders selling Rottweilers with so called ‘natural bob tails’. Rottweilers that are born with so called ‘bob tails’ which are very short, dock like tails, are an anomaly. They should not be bred from as this anomaly is not because of evolution as that would take many thousands of years and Rottweilers have only been around a hundred or so.

The anomaly is from a ‘mutated gene’ and in humans a ‘mutated gene’ can be often called a disease as in Progeria, Proteus Syndrome or Marfan Syndrome which are all genetic diseases caused by mutated genes. Some dogs have the C189G mutation but not Rottweilers.

Rottweiler buyer beware found this From Wikipedia:

A natural bobtail is an animal’s tail which due to a mutated gene grows unusually short or is missing completely. The genes for the shortened tail may be dominant or recessive.

Natural bobtail dog breeds without C189G mutation:

  • Boston Terrier
  • English Bulldog
  • King Charles Spaniel
  • Miniature Schnauzer (name a specific source; schnauzers usually have their tails docked, but they are not that way naturally.)
  • Parson Russell Terrier
  • Rottweiler


The tail was traditionally docked at the first or second joint or Natural Bob Tail (“stumpy”). However docking is now banned in many countries and this is reflected in the FCI Standard. It remains legal in others, notably the USA and New Zealand and this is reflected in the AKC and NZKC Standards.

I hope this has been informative and again if I can help in any way please contact me at here Rottweiler Buyer Beware

If we are missing any information on Rottweiler buyer beware or whatever else you are searching for about Rottweilers, pups etc please use our Custom Search Engine below and I am sure you will find the answers to your questions

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