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****  Currently 3 Female Pups Available born 9-6-2014 — CLICK HERE —  ****

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  Rottweiler_Caution_Sign Image-small

Welcome to Saphire Kennels

The home of N.Z.K.C. registered pedigree Rottweilers sometimes available to discerning homes CLICK HERE.

All breeds of pedigree dogs come from somewhere and this is no more important to any particular breed than it is with Rottweilers. A Rottweilers ancestors have an inevitable effect on their type and adherence to ‘standard‘. This is why the Sire of our Dams is chosen with great care paying particular attention to the world famous ‘JENECKS‘ line who are the breeders of our girls great grandparents ‘AUST CH JENECKS QUIK‘ with ‘JENECKS BONNY (IMP-USA)’ and on their sires side, the famous ‘Wenno of Nicolas Lion‘. This genetic line lends itself to producing Rottweilers of exceptional quality and character with a high inherent ability to learn complex commands as is required of Schutzhund trained Rottweilers thus producing litters with very high expectations for the breed.

Bad press and Rottweilers seem  to go hand in hand now a days but I, like most intelligent people, will understand it is easier for the press to blame the dog rather than the Master.  This is how racism, sexism and many other ‘ism’s’ can come into being, through bad press.

Rottweilers are and will always do what Rottweilers do.

The only thing you need to worry about if you come across a Rottweiler at their home, is. Were you invited or not? Many of the purported Rottweiler dog attacks are inevitably from cross bred dogs that although they may resemble Rottweilers in looks and while this changes nothing when it comes to reporting dog attacks but I feel these dog attacks are so serious they should be reported accurately.

Rottweilers will defend their property and family earnestly.

Rottweiler juggling
Click image to see Mercedes juggle her cricket ballRottweilers are intelligent dogs
  • Rottweilers can be easily trained
  • Rottweilers give more love than they could ever receive back
  • Rottweilers love children if reared with them
  • Rottweilers with conscientious owners become great dogs
  • Rottweilers naturally want to be friends with friendly people
  • Rottweilers raised sociably will be sociable
  • Rottweilers are actors, defence dogs, family pets, show dogs and the best dog in the world. (In my honest opinion).

What I have found, especially with Rottweilers that I have come in contact with over the years, is when you meet a strange Rottweiler, ( this probably would apply to any other dog as well ), it is best to totally IGNORE them as if you do not even see them until they come to/approach you. Even then do not reach at them or to try and simply pat them, the Rottweiler  can mistake this approach as an attack on them so wait until they show you they want a pat. It is not uncommon for this newly met, strange Rottweiler to shortly be at your side pushing it’s muzzle into your hand demanding a pat from you in a very friendly manner.

Never, never, never ever buy a Rottweiler without first understanding the breed and understanding if you can fulfil their needs first before assessing whether they can look after yours.

Owning a Rottweiler can be a great family experience and once you take your Rottweiler on a walk or to a dog show or even just spending time with them you will see how much fun this breed can be as they become a part of your family.

Mercedes looking cute

Black Orchid of Chefsta   My Best Rottweilers   

As For Tail Docking We Follow “The Rottweiler Standard”.

(We are accredited tail dockers!)

 N.Z.K.C. Official Breed Standard

Excerpt. Rottweiler Breed Standard:

Tail: Carried horizontally. It is short, strong and not set too low.

It should be docked at the first joint.

Looking for Rottweiler tail docking? We are also an Accredited Tail Bander.

Contact Us Here

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