Rottweiler Feeding

Meat Verses Commercial Products?

After many, many years dealing with the issues of, “What do I feed my Rottweiler?” I have come to the conclusion it is all about personal choice. But!

Rottweiler FeedingI personally want my Rottweiler, especially my Rottweiler puppy to have only the best possible start when it comes to their diets. Because of this I have found through much trial and error that the best food I can find, in any country I have lived in is simply beef in some form.

I have had my Rottweilers on commercial products at times and found many problems that vanished as soon as I placed them back on beef as their stable food. Examples of this are; hair loss, flatulence, vomiting, depression, excessive dump-age and an over-all sickly looking animal. While I am not saying that the commercial products were wholly to blame I found it strange that any of the problems I saw in my Rottweilers cleared up overnight when their meals were changed to beef.

I am not saying only beef. I am saying beef made up around 80% of their diet though.

Rottweiler Feeding

In years gone by I had no problem going to our local butcher and purchasing ten pounds ( 5 kilos) of gravy beef for a weeks food for my first dog a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Tanya) as, back then, hardly anyone ate gravy beef or brisket for that matter as it was considered a bad (tough) cut of meat and really only good for dog food.

I had noticed through the years how campaigns have arisen informing the general public how raw meat can make dogs viscous amongst other things, ¬†and that it doesn’t have enough goodness in it for a growing or full grown dogs so they NEED, must have processed commercial dry dog food all full of goodness and nutrition. And how convenient that dry food is as well… A great campaign as it seems to have worked well all over the world.

Well as time went by and public opinion seemed to agree with this, going by the amount of dry dog food companies that have sprung up plus commercial foods being pushed by Veterinarians and the subsequent high prices of gravy beef, brisket or similar cuts of meat have been virtually priced out of the dog owners grasp for use as a pet food.

The truth is dogs LOVE beef, they seem content when feed it regularly. Their dump-age rate in comparison to dry dog foods is very low and actually disintegrates within a night or two, as it should. Not so for commercial dry dog foods I have tried which can still be around weeks later, if not picked up.

Is their a commercial dog food available that meets the true needs of a dog and their owner? Possibly but I have yet to find one. I am lucky that I presently feed my dogs raw beef with some selected other ingredients but it is expensive but as far as I am concerned my Rottweiler pups for one need this vital ingredient from 4-5 weeks onwards. I find they eat less than I would expect but are growing fast and healthy and contented.

So all I am saying really is.

“If it is not broken why fix it?”

I would be interested in your own experiences on meat verses dry food…