Our Special Rottweiler Food

The Best Drug To Give Your Rottweiler

Let me explain. I would swear that my wife puts something addictive in the ‘SPECIAL’ food she makes Sandy every week. She says she doesn’t and to prove it gave me her recipe if I keep it to myself. Good job she knows me real well, so here is her recipe.

To make approx. 6-8 meals…


1.6kg chicken

1/4 pumpkin

2 big carrots

6 frozen spinach balls

1 cup peas

1 cup beans

2 cups elbow pasta

2 cups white long grain rice


Very large soup pot or 2 smaller ones ( I am assuming only 1 large pot is being used here)

Boil chicken whole unfrozen until cooked

Remove chicken from pot, let cool and strip meat from bones and set chicken aside.

Add more fresh water to pot until 3/4 full. Simmer.

Dice carrots and pumpkin small, (Sandy doesn’t like big pieces of carrot plus carrots cook faster being smaller). Add to pot.

Add remaining veges to pot.

Once carrots are soft reintroduce chicken meat and stir in pasta and rice.

Simmer on low until rice and pasta are cooked.

Stir occasionally.

Once cooked remove from heat and let cool.

Weigh approx 1,2 kg for grown Rottweiler. (May differ for different dogs based on how active they are. Increase or decrease to suit.)

Put in zip lock bags or ice cream containers and freeze.

When feeding defrost food, add small amount of gravy or warm water to mix, Sandy doesn’t like it chunky or cold as it upsets her stomach.

Test it with your finger as chilled food can cause stomach upset and a mess to clean up, believe me.


If you choose to try this and after about a week please contact me and let me know if your Rottweiler loves it or not.


Sandy has terrific energy

Her coat is always shiny.

She is alert and healthy and happy, especially around feeding time…