Tail Docking? Periodically Rears It’s Ugly Tail

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Tail Docking for Rottweilers. Yes or no.

Picture Rottweiler HeadUnfortunately I personally find this discussion emotive, pointless and further, trying to find some intelligent understanding on the subject is near on impossible. Even when mentioning tail docking with the so called professionals I have spoken to, it seems!

In the past I would trust my Veterinarian implicitly and believed in their opinion when it came to the health of my animals but nowadays Vets, in my opinion, just seem to be so controlled by the Veterinarian Council here in NZ who seem to need to tell their members what to do and, what seems to me, to think as well. I say this as I am rather angry at the recent treatment I have been subjected to by 2 Veterinarian practices visited recently.

Let me elaborate if I may. The Veterinarians statements to me as to why they were no longer docking dogs tails was not because they disagreed with the practice but more because,’ The Veterinary Council won’t let us’, I was told. Even though on their own site they state: “ Practising in accordance with relevant legislation and other applicable standards.” We have no legislation banning tail docking here in NZ.

.” Maybe they have a different definition to what constitutes “in accordance”. Tail docking IS legal in New Zealand and so why are they told not to do it?

Maybe people should contact the Veterinarian Council for clarification on tail docking and at the same time ask them why it is better for a dog breeder to subject their dogs to the treatment that I was subjected to because their members are not allowed to perform a legal, long term acceptable practice as tail docking. I know they say they only have the welfare of the animals at heart but both Vets and the SPCA have animals killed on probably a daily basis and not just because the animals were suffering, actually it would be fair to say that almost none of the animals that are in pounds are suffering or ill when they are eventually put down.

I don’t want to kill my dogs just get their tails docked by professionals. So to labour this point, I can get any Vet to put down my dog just because I want to with no other reason as long as I pay their fee but am not able to pay them to dock the 2 day old puppies tails because, not by their choice but because they are told they are not allowed to do it. Again, not because it is illegal just because their governing council has decided so and enforces their members to toe the line?

My own personal story.

In the not to distant past I would, after careful investigation and considerations, breed one of my Rottweilers. The pups would eventually turn up around 63 days and if all looked good it was off to the local Vet in the first couple of days after birth in order to have the Veterinarian;

(1) Check all the pups and the brood bitch for any health issues.

(2) Dock the tails, remove the dew claws and render me some informative advice and any updates on rearing the pups and looking after the bitch then I would be on my way home.

Now, Present Day.

Again the pups would eventually turn up around 63 days and if all looked good but because I was unable to take them to my local Vet for the tail docking etc. procedure thus I now had to bundle all the newborn, obviously vulnerable little pups and their tired and worn out mum, up in my car for over an hour or so drive to my closest accredited tail bander, ( I am one now), who would see to the pups and then again I would bundle all the disturbed and upset family for another hour or so return trip to my home. This is always rather traumatic and in my opinion totally unnecessary if the Veterinarians were just left to think for themselves to do their jobs as competent professionals that they should be and not seemingly to actRottweiler picture as robots controlled by a central Body thinking mind bank to do their thinking for them.

This may seem harsh but the breed standard, that has been around for a very long time requires tail docking for this breed as does it for over 50 more Dog breeds in their standards. The fact that times change and it may be politically correct to take the stance that anything done to an animal that the animal has no choice in is cruel, is just plain ludicrous. There would not be ANY of the pedigree animals we have today if this was left up to the animals to decide their fate, period. Mankind develops these pedigrees for a purpose.

Agree or disagree, that is your right ONLY if you allow others to also have this same right.

I agree that the standard of Tail Docking in Rottweilers should continue for many, many reasons and while legal I will continue with this practice. When and if it becomes illegal I will go on record now by stating I will no longer breed these magnificent animals, the Rottweiler.

This, sadly will not only be a loss for me but for many unknown thousands who have yet to experience the thrill of enjoying a full life with this terrific, tailless breed.

It may still be just as terrific a dog with a tail but sadly it will no longer be a Rottweiler in mine and many, many others eyes. No more than a white Rottweiler or a multi coloured Rottweiler or for that matter any deviation from the Rottweiler standard could be or should be considered, in the fullest, true sense of the word, a Rottweiler.

If those out there wish to have a Rottweiler with a tail and still call it a Rottweiler then shame on you. Change the name to something else and call them that name and then I believe there would be no problems at all as you can have your way without impinging on my and many others Freedom of Choice. The fact the law gets changed to make tail docking illegal where you live just means you are in a dictatorship or never put your point forward loud enough or worse you sat by and did nothing but to complain about the change after the fact. How often do we here, “It is not my fault, they did it and I couldn’t do anything about it.” Really…?A bit strong I know but I am passionate about tail docking.

Finally I find it strange that I have never heard of docked breed owners trying to have the practise made compulsory of all dogs but it seems that there are those out there that unjustly think their opinion is more valid than that of ours? Really?

p.s. I just asked Saphire, Thunder, Mercedes and the pups if having their tails docked bothered them as after watching the pups get theirs docked it didn’t seem to and their reply to me was not surprising …….

Just a short story I will repeat at my wife’s insistence if I may.

I needed to take one of my dogs to our local Vet, who will remain nameless, for a doggy problem that was rather urgent.

At the Vets and while waiting for about an hour I listened to this muted howling of what was obviously a dog either in some deep pain or at the very least a heart broken soul. It was horrible and painful for me to listen to for so long and was not stopping that I eventually commented to the Veterinarian’s receptionist about the crying dog. Well she thoroughly shocked my with! “Oh it is just a poor wee man who has just been neutered and seems to be feeling sorry for himself.” Saying it with what seemed to me a misguided smile while gleefully chuckling.

I was appalled to say the least and I commented that it sounded like he was heart broken and howling for an hour at least is not feeling sorry for oneself even for humans but for a dog to do this was sickening for me to hear and obviously pained the poor wee man dog to his soul.

Now banding a tail of a puppy to perform a tail docking is not performed by Vets because, as they inform me, it is too painful for them and only done to satisfy the owner! Really…They do not even murmur through the whole process. It is no more painful than placing a rubber band on your finger.

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