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Thanks for stopping by my Rottweiler Kennels website. I have a background in Rottweilers that span some 37 years to the purchase of ‘Karma’ our first Rottie. Previous to this I had owned, showed and bred many Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppies. I have also worked with West Highland White Terriers and Bull Mastiffs as well for many years but mainly with my Rottweilers in shows and I have even done security work with them.

To cut a long story short, I have a passion for animals of all natures but especially the Rottweiler and enjoy the breed very much. I especially enjoy researching pedigrees looking for qualities that I think would be a match for my brood bitches to produce Rottweiler puppies of exceptional temperament and character.

We are currently looking into importing a couple of Rottweilers from Germany with the intention of creating a solid foundation for further intense breeding programs. This is all with the intention of bettering the breed as Rottie breeders in New Zealand are discovering certain problems arising out of too much in-breeding and shoddy breeders paying no attention to the characteristics of the breed before undertaking their breeding programs.
I hope you enjoy my site.